About the EDN Subscription Program

Updated Aug 11, 2010

The ESRI Developer Network (EDN) is an annual subscription-based program that provides software developers with the resources needed to build solutions based on ESRI desktop and server technologies. In addition to the EDN Subscription program which provides the software and developer kits, the EDN website (edn.esri.com) is the place for online community activities and the most recent developer resources. Scroll down or use the links to the right to get more information on the EDN subscription program.

How does an EDN subscription program work?

EDN subscriptions are sold to a single authorized developer on an annual basis (12 months). For the annual fee, the EDN program provides each subscribing developer:

  • A copy of the EDN Media Kit (DVDs) for development use only.
  • Option to purchase high quality Technical Support from ESRI.
  • A discount on instructor-led training when activating or renewing a subscription.
  • Option to purchase EDN with ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo.

All software included in the EDN subscription is to be used only by the developer who has subscribed. Software that is part of the EDN program cannot be shared with non-subscribers. Software licensed through the EDN subscription program does not include any rights for deployment or production use. See How is the EDN subscription and its software licensed? for more details on the licensing and use restrictions of EDN.

What's included in the EDN Media Kit

The EDN Media Kit is shipped to all EDN subscribers. At the current release, it includes the media on all supported platforms for each of the following ESRI products and resources:

  • ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit - Includes ArcGIS Engine Runtime and all Engine Runtime extensions for development and test:
    • Spatial
    • 3D
    • Geodatabase Update
    • Network
    • Data Interoperability
    • Schematics
    • Maplex
    • Tracking
  • ArcGIS Server (all Editions and Levels for development use)
    • Including ArcSDE technology
    • ArcGIS Server extensions (3D, Data Interoperability, Network, and Spatial)
    • ArcGIS Mobile SDK
  • ArcGIS Image Server
  • ArcIMS
  • ESRI Data and Maps
  • ArcView (optional)
  • ArcEditor (optional)
  • ArcInfo (optional)

The new option for ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo is available to all new and existing EDN subscribers.

Is technical support included with an EDN subscription?

The EDN Web site provides many support resources for developers including application programming interface (API) documentation, technical articles, monitored user-to-user discussion forums, and sample code exchange. In cases where additional support is needed, EDN subscribers can purchase a block of 10 support incidents for a fee. In the United States, these incidents are handled by ESRI Support Services. This EDN technical support option covers all EDN products included in the Software Library.

For more information, contact Customer Service at 888.377.4575 or service@esri.com. To purchase EDN support, call 800.447.9778 (U.S. only. International developers should contact your ESRI distributor.)

When you purchase a 10-pack of EDN support incidents, they remain available for use as long as the EDN program subscription to which they are linked remains active. If you do not use all 10 support requests during your annual subscription, the unused ones automatically roll into the next year, provided you keep your EDN program subscription renewed and active. A 10-pack of support incidents is linked to one particular EDN program subscriber by name and is not able to be shared amongst a group of subscribers. Each EDN program subscriber who would like to have the ability to request and receive direct technical assistance from technology specialists at ESRI should purchase their own individual EDN Support plan.

Is training available for the software included with an EDN subscription?

At any time during your EDN subscription, you can purchase the EDN Training Option. This option provides the subscriber with a five day block of instructor-led training at an ESRI training facility at a discounted price. An EDN subscriber may purchase more than one block of training. Training must be used within the subscription period.

If purchased, each training block can be applied towards any instructor-led class (5 days total) offered at an ESRI training facility. The following training courses are recommended to help EDN developers achieve success with their subscriptions:

Recommended training for EDN Subscribers Number of days
EDN Subscriber: New to ArcObjects
Introduction to Programming ArcObjects with VBA 5
Extending ArcGIS Desktop Applications 3
EDN Subscriber: ArcGIS Server
Developing Applications with ArcGIS Server (.NET) 3
Developing Applications with ArcGIS Server (Java) 3
EDN Subscriber: ArcGIS Engine
Developing Applications with ArcGIS Engine 2
EDN Subscriber: Enterprise Solutions
ArcGIS Enterprise Systems: Performance and Scalability 3

Please visit www.esri.com/training for the current schedule of courses and detailed course descriptions.

How is the EDN subscription and its software licensed?

EDN is licensed annually per developer for development and testing use only. This means that if a company with three developers using ESRI technology to build products or internal applications wanted to enroll in the EDN subscription program, they would need to purchase three subscriptions.

Each subscriber is issued authorization files that provide access to the software included in the EDN Media Kit for a year. New authorization files are issued upon new software releases and subscription renewal.

The following list summarizes some of the licensing regulations that must be adhered to by EDN subscribers.

  • The EDN Media Kit may be used by a single authorized developer per subscription.
  • EDN software licenses are for the sole purposes of research and development only—internal development or development of government off-the-shelf (GOTS) or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. EDN licenses may not be used for production or used by concurrent developers.
  • EDN is sold as an annual subscription for the right to use in application development (desktop, server, or Web service).
  • All authorization files issued for EDN software will have an annual time-out terminating one year from the date of delivery/purchase.
  • EDN is licensed per developer. A signed license agreement will be required.
  • EDN does not include the right to any deployments, run times, or server technology for production or commercial uses.
  • An EDN subscriber can install the software on an unlimited number of machines for his or her individual testing and development.

You can review the full ESRI Master License Agreement (MLA) by visiting http://www.esri.com/software/mla.html.

How do I subscribe to EDN?

EDN gives you inexpensive access to developer products-$50,000 worth of software for a yearly subscription.

  • EDN - $1,500 per year
  • EDN with ArcView - $2,000 per year
  • EDN with ArcEditor - $3,000 per year
  • EDN with ArcInfo Desktop - $4,000 per year

Note: This is United States pricing; pricing varies by country outside of the U.S.

If you are in the United States:

If you are outside the United States:

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How does EDN relate to the ESRI Enterprise Advantage Program?

EDN is designed to give all types of developers-commercial, one-off, end-user and system integrators—the resources needed to successfully develop with ESRI software. When implementing complex GIS systems, such as creating an Enterprise GIS solution or designing, developing, and deploying COTS applications, developers often need ongoing technical guidance, consulting and training.

Therefore, EDN subscribers may wish to take advantage of the ESRI Enterprise Advantage Program (EEAP). The EEAP is a services and support offering for U.S. customers designed to meet the unique needs of ESRI's enterprise geographic information system (GIS) clients. Key program components include technical advisory and GIS strategy consulting, system development and maintenance, learning and service credits, and much more. Please see http://www.esri.com/eeap for details.

Managing your EDN subscription

Once enrolled in the EDN subscription program, you can manage your subscription account at http://service.esri.com/edn. Available account management tasks include updating subscriber information, viewing, requesting or updating software authorization files, or renewing your annual EDN subscription.